In dealing with the standard injuries that come with any athletic endeavor, Cheng realized that treatment methods like acupuncture and Tui-Na orthopedics provided tremendous relief without merely masking the symptoms like pain medicines would. This motivated him to study the fundamentals of traumatology from his teachers and eventually go on to earn his Masters and Doctorate degrees in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Serving as a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in the State of California, Dr. Cheng demonstrates that Chinese medicine is a truly natural, holistic, and compassionate means of treating the patient, relieving suffering, and preventing disease, especially when coupled with higher level movement pattern-based diagnostic skill sets such as Gray Cook‘s Selective Functional Movement Assessment and the Functional Movement Screen. As a result, Dr. Cheng has cross-trained extensively with leading physical therapists, strength & conditioning researchers, and a variety of other medical professionals to provide his patients with a bird’s eye view of their diagnosis & treatment.

While many clinicians are content to merely help their patients achieve a temporary remission in symptoms, Dr. Cheng believes that corrective exercise is key to retraining the body to hold itself in a more stable, less injury-prone manner. This approach allows the effects of passive treatments to last longer and create new, stronger, and healthier patterns for his patients. Not-so-jokingly, Dr. Cheng has often said that his clinical business plan applies the worst possible guiding principle – to get patients better and on the road to a sustainable recovery in as few visits as possible.

Prior to becoming overwhelmed by his own clinical practice and his rigorous travel schedule, Dr. Cheng taught Tui-Na at both Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Yosan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has served and continues to serve both as a clinician and consultant to professional athletes and elite competitors across a variety of sports both in the US and overseas.

In addition to his clinical duties as a licensed acupuncturist and consultant, Dr. Cheng is also ranked as a Senior SFG Russian kettlebell instructor and a faculty member of Functional Movement Systems.


To see his current seminar & workshop schedule where you can learn Dr. Cheng’s Prehab-Rehab movement re-patterning system, please visit our homepage.


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